Jonathan Cartu Reviews: Massachusetts real estate transactions for…

Jonathan Cartu Reviews: Massachusetts real estate transactions for…


Adam C. Nouwen to Yevgeny Ukrainets and Danielle Ukrainets, 17 Liswell Drive, $356,000.

Carlos M. Whitlock Jr., to David L. White and Deborah E. White, 2O Castle Hills Road, Unit 20B, $202,000.

Catherine Marek, representative, and Robert William Fredey, estate, to Andrey Bateyko, 522 North St., $160,000.

David L. White and Deborah E. White to Adam P. Ducharme, 270 Leonard St., $379,900.

John W. Drewnowski and Janet M. Drewnowski to Juliano Holdings MA LLC, 1815 Main St., $500,000.

Mariette E. Raymond to Henry L. Dubay and Kathleen M. Dubay, 58 Hayes Ave., $310,000.

Palatium Realty Inc., to 1182 Springfield Street LLC, 1182 Springfield St., $700,000.

Wayne M. Aldinger to Joseph E. Cardin, 74 South Park Terrace, $172,000.

Yevgeny Ukrainets, Danielle Ukrainets and Danielle A. Burns to Chelsea L. Pappelardo, 8 Ash Lane, $234,900.


Shou Hu to 199 Northampton Road LLC, 199 Northampton Road, $270,000.

Norma M. Campbell, trustee, and Norman H. Campbell Irrevocable Trust to Brennan McKenna, 98 West St., $240,000.

Emmanouil Apostolidis to Miriam J. Siegel and Paul B. Cambo, 170 East Hadley Road, $153,000.

South Middle Street Inc., to Lisa A. Raskin, 11 South Middle St., $160,000.

Deborah Wright and James Wright to Martin A. Lewis-Gonzalez and Kristina M. Smith, 150 West Pomeroy Lane, $432,500.

Yecheng Yang to Shannon C. Roberts-Henry and Everald O. Henry, 61 Tanglewood Road, $660,000.

Nikos C. Berkowitz and Dorka M. Jimenez Almonte to Benjamin Donaldson and Jenny L. Arch, 61 Dennis Drive, $415,000.

Peter Morse and Emily Marsters to Peter Morse, trustee, Emily Marsters, trustee, and Morse Marsters Living Trust, 327 Shays St., $100.

Bercume Construction LLC, and Nikki B LLC, to Nikos Camilo Berkowitz and Dorka Maria Jiminez Almonte, 108 Linden Ridge Road, $796,000.


Tiffany Lyn Kreps, Michael McDonald, Diane M. McDonald and Tiffany L. McDonald to Tiffany Lyn Kreps, Tiffany L. McDonald and David Joseph Kreps, 100 Bardwell St., $100.

Neil T. Lozier, Melissa M. Lozier and Melissa M. Massey to Neil T. Lozier and Melissa M. Lozier, 39 River St., $100.

Roland A. Leclerc to Roland A. Leclerc, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Roland A. Leclerc, Franklin Street, $100.

Roland A. Leclerc to Roland A. Leclerc, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Roland A. Leclerc, Amherst Road, $100.

Thomas P. Tremblay and Stephanie M. Tremblay to Joseph J. Risi, Boardman Road, Rural Road and Rural Street, $145,000.

Patrick C. Delaney and Sara H. Delaney to Matthew Crandall and Beatrice Walz, 251 Daniel Shays Highway, $185,500.

Mohan T. Chellani, Sandra M. Chellani and Sandra M. Miko to Francis Como, Nadine Como and Amber Piedra, 139 North Washington St., $393,000.


Elizabeth J. Pearson Estate, “aka” Elizabeth Joan Pearson Estate, James Carpenter, personal representative, to Aaron D. Budine, 162 Bald Mountain Road, $295,000.

Urban Veneer LLC, to Ramu Penemetsa Raju and Arathi P. Rao, 55 River St., $360,000.


Lucia M. Sullivan to Greer Allison Tison and Nathan Henry Maynard, 109 Chester Road, $252,000.


Shana J. Hendrikse to Clifford G. Phaneuf and Sara M. Phaneuf, 86 Haynes Hill Road, $510,000.


Arthur H. Phillips and Caroline E. Phillips to Erin L. McNay and Matthew Wanamaker, 5 Wile Road/Old State Road, $250,000.

Janice Ann Rock, “aka” Janice A. Rock to Tyler Rock, 10 Gardner Falls Road, $280,000.


Gloria Joanne Beresford to William M. Milka and Anita M. Milka, 8A North St., $70,000.

Frances Mary Avery Living Trust, Dennis Carl Avery, trustee, and Karen L. Hogness, trustee, to Deborah J. Dargis and Neil F. Dargis, 10 Harmony Height, $155,000.

MKH Burnt Hill LLC, to EKOORB LLC, 176 Burnt Hill Road/192 Burnt Hill Road, $2,340,000.

Gary R. Prince and Jan M. Prince to Brenda M. Sandstrom and Richard C. Sandstrom, Legate Hill Road, $21,500.


Amie L. Wozniak to Katelyn Nadeau and Lukas Baudin, 70 Beaumont…

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