Billy Xiong Reported: Hamilton County real estate transactions,…

Billy Xiong Reported: Hamilton County real estate transactions,…

NOTICE: The Hamilton County Register’s Office did not publish this data. All information in the Register’s Office is public information as set on in T.C.A. 10-7- 503. For questions regarding this report, call Mark Jones of the Chattanooga Times Free Press at 423-757-6505. Transactions of $10,000 and above recorded April 16-22, 2020, are included in this report. Quitclaim transactions are not included. Listings include address or GI number, seller(s), buyer(s) and sale price. GI numbers, listed when street addresses are not available, refer to the location of transactions (book number and page number) in the record of the Hamilton County Register Office, 423-209-6560.


TOTAL (162 transactions) $39,197,704


BIRCHWOOD (2) $158,000

Parker Loop; Buyer(s): Melody Ramsey; Seller(s): Ron R Coppinger, Ronald R Coppinger, Elizabeth O Coppinger, Oleta Coppinger; $83,000.

11511 Dolly Pond Rd; Buyer(s): Jeffrey L Roberts, Christie Roberts; Seller(s): Keith Moore, Katherine Moore; $75,000.


CHATTANOOGA (79) $17,087,325

627 Signal Mtn Rd; Buyer(s): Craig Poundstone Tr, Diane Poundstone Tr, Craig & Diane Poundstone Living Trust; Seller(s): Bluemont Property Llc; $1,945,455.

GI 11972 332; Buyer(s): Gregory Joseph Nieckula; Seller(s): Ethan Collier Construction Co Inc; $660,000.

GI 11976 212; Buyer(s): Timothy Pitts, Jessica D Pitts; Seller(s): Reflective Homes Llc; $523,775.

GI 11976 440; Buyer(s): Lisa Diane Phillips; Seller(s): Hill Haven Holdings Llc; $491,978.

1201 Leconte Cir; Buyer(s): Gary Summers, Nancy Summers; Seller(s): Rtb Holdings Llc; $467,550.

GI 11973 607; Buyer(s): Mmb Properties Llc; Seller(s): Ethan Collier Construction Co Inc; $446,185.

8038 Rosemere Way; Buyer(s): Robert S Culkeen, Elizabeth A Culkeen; Seller(s): Charles R Iv Clevenger, Jody Doll Davis Clevenger; $434,000.

GI 11973 571; Buyer(s): Ian Christopher Hoerner, Stephanie Morgan Hoerner; Seller(s): Green & Lofty Llc; $390,000.

GI 11976 492; Buyer(s): Jeremy L Brazzell, Hope Brazzell; Seller(s): Rakesh Patel; $370,000.

8665 Masons Gate Ln; Buyer(s): Michael Burton Morgan, Amanda Morgan; Seller(s): Rtb Holdings Llc; $349,700.

5509 Abby Grace Loop; Buyer(s): Lance Francis; Seller(s): Rtb Holdings Llc; $344,500.

GI 11972 212; Buyer(s): Victor Manuel Munoz, Damaris Martinez-Munoz; Seller(s): Christopher L Hedrick, Trena C Hedrick; $337,900.

GI 11973 137; Buyer(s): Naveen-Kumar Lekkalapudi, Lindsay R Lekkalapudi; Seller(s): Sean H Smith, Allison B Smith; $326,000.

GI 11973 470; Buyer(s): Robert G Logan, Amanda Logan; Seller(s): Alex Simon, Erin Simon; $324,899.

GI 11976 161; Buyer(s): Mark R Przybysz, Debbie Sue Przybysz; Seller(s): Elizabeth M Capecchi, Elizabeth D Muller; $305,000.

994 Gibson Meadow Dr; Buyer(s): Johnny W Christian, Agnes L Hellman; Seller(s): Dreamtech Homes Llc; $293,736.

GI 11975 298; Buyer(s): Richard F Wistner, Lori S Norris; Seller(s): Harold L Bond, Connie J Bond; $285,000.

GI 11972 626; Buyer(s): Andrew William Nicholson; Seller(s): Benjamin J Tull, Hailey S Tull, Hailey L Swingle; $283,000.

2501 Cross Winds Ln; Buyer(s): Judy Ann Moore; Seller(s): George P King, Deborah D King; $275,250.

GI 11971 601; Buyer(s): Anna R Panzarino; Seller(s): Ira Innovations Llc, Denise Murphy; $273,000.

117 Rolling Hills Dr; Buyer(s): Ira James, Jocelyn James; Seller(s): Hpp Property Llc; $269,000.

766 Flinn Dr; Buyer(s): Bryan Long, Anisha Mathi; Seller(s): Michelle A White; $259,900.

GI 11977 592; Buyer(s): Tye Springer; Seller(s): Richard T Zavala, Lorraine Larson; $250,000.

GI 11972 662; Buyer(s): Edward J Cortez, Alexandra J Cortez; Seller(s): Kelly Scruggs; $245,000.

GI 11971 662; Buyer(s): Rodney H Bennett; Seller(s): Tyler Scott Shugarts; $240,000.

GI 11975 677; Buyer(s): Frank Homer Iii Lawrence, Barbara J Lawrence; Seller(s): Scott Jones, Annette Jones; $239,000.

4030 Harbor Hills Rd; Buyer(s): Michael Mincey; Seller(s): Donald Reynoldson, Barbara Reynoldson;…

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